• An excursion to Carlingford

    Hello everybody !


    I wanted to write an article about Carlingford for a while but I didn't spend time on it. In fact we've gone to Carlingford the second day of the Welcome Days. 

    We've left from the university at the beginning of the afternoon and we've took an irish bus. 


    An excursion to Carlingford

    It was the first time I have got such a bus. You know I have never been in an english-speaking country before. So everything is a discovery for me, like sockets we have to turn on, very strange ! But I digress, sorry. Carlingford is a small coastal city situated on the Cooley peninsula, in County Louth.


    An excursion to Carlingford

    Carlingford is a beautiful city because of the landscapes. It's encircled by both mountains and sea. It's a pleasant place to visit.


    An excursion to Carlingford


    In Carlingford like in lot of others cities in Ireland we can see coloured houses. As it's often raining these colors bring a little lightness.

    An excursion to Carlingford


    Carlingford is a nice place but the city has also several medieval streets and places. Accompanied by our guide, we have visited King Johns Castle, built in 1213.

    An excursion to Carlingford

    From the castle we have a magnificent view on the peninsula :

    An excursion to Carlingford


    We've also visited an old monastery which accomodated a dominican friary. Because by the 13th century lot of monasteries were more occupated gathering wealth than taking care of poors and than living a spiritual life, new orders of monks were created like the Dominicans.The priory was founded in 1305 and dissolved by order of Henry VIII in 1539. After that it was used as a base for fishermen. The priory included a church, a cloister and domestic buildings. Today only the church survives.

    An excursion to Carlingford


    An excursion to Carlingford

    An excursion to Carlingford


     I hope you enjoyed it.


    Yours faithfully,





    Sources:  clik on the pictures Certain are mine, others aren't.

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