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    I'm studying Business in Dundalk Institute of Technology (DKIT) since the 22th of January. 

    DKIT is a big university. Indeed there are 4 schools with several Departments : School of Business and Humanities, School of engineering, School of Informatics and Creative Arts and School of Health and Science.


     There is a wind turbine (850 kW) for 10 years on the campus which supplies more than the half of the university needs.

    I have 6 classes : - Managment Accounting - Mathematics - English for Socrates 2 - Consumer Psychology - Managment Behaviour Studies and Marketing. Managment Accouting is equivalent to Managment Control in ESDES. 


    There are many students who come from different countries in my courses or among Erasmus students : from Ireland of course but also Finland - Spain - Czech Republic - China - Germany - India ... and so on. So it is very nice to discover others cultures. Erasmus is an efficient way to improve my English level but also to learn more and more information about others cultures.


    I have already write about my Welcoming days so I am not going to re-write about that.


    If I have decided to write this article now and not at the beginning of my semester abroad, it is because I wanted to own more inforrmation about this university.


    Sport and leisures


    They are many sports that students can do at DKIT. Joining a club is an efficient way to take a break from study and courses, try new activities and improve their own level. Moreover practicing a sport allows to meet people. The sport office of the university offers a wide range of activities and societies. Everyone can find a club they could like. In addition only few activities are not free and membership costs only 20 euros. The university has at its disposal a significant outdoor pitch where students can play gaelic football or rugby. But also an inside gymnasium where volleyball, basketball or badminton training and championships often occur.


    The library


    DKIT owns a sizable library. It is an ideal place to work because of silence and facilities. It seems to be an excellent resource. Indeed there are many computers, quiet rooms and tables to work in group. Nevertheless it is hard to find free computers. There are also printers, scanners and a significant number of books. There are available books for all courses. Students can borrow nearly all books or magazines. If they need to print they just have to use their student cards. But before they must put credit on their cards.



    Food outlets


    If students want to eat something they can find many cafes on the campus or food automatic distributors. Indeed there is Starbuck Coffee and a large amount of others cafes which are open all day. They have sandwiches, coffee or tea, pastries, fruits … Moreover there is also a sizable canteen with a large choice of dishes where it is pleasant to eat with friends. The staff cook breakfast and lunch so it is possible to eat hot meals but also sandwiches. Additionally there is a place called the College bar where students come to be with their friends. They can play billiards, listen to music, drink and eat. It is a convivial place.


    DKIT has a significant campus where there are a large range of facilities. In addition to that there are student services proposed such as a cashpoint, a shop but also an infirmary and so on. For new students who would like to become integrated the best way is to join a club.



    I had to realise a presentation video about my university and my accomodation for a marketing project. Indeed we are working on a global programme about Maxol with American and Australian students and we had to present them one day in DKIT. We are a group of eleven composed by 3 American people and 3 Australian students. There are also in my Irish team one Chinese, one Irish and 2 others French people.

    So I share the video with you !


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    Monday 31st July 2017 at 19:44

    This blog has very distinct features. Thanks

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