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     Hi everyone !


    During my first welcome day, DKIT (Dundalk Institute of Technology, my Irish school) has organised a gaelic football lesson for erasmus students with the players of Dundalk's team.

    So let me present you this original sport !

    Gaelic football, Caid in Gaelic, is a strange sport because it's a mix between volley-ball, rugby and football. There are 15 players on the terrain and until 8 referees. But the composition of the team is different of rugby or football :


    Gaelic Football


    You can play with your hands and your feet. If tacles are strictly forbidden, contacts like shoulders against shoulders are allowed.

    There are two ways to mark. The first one is to shift the ball above the transversal bar and so you win one point. The second one is to score a goal and you win 3points. The ball looks like to that of volley-ball.

    Below a picture with gaelic football rules : 

    Gaelic Football

    I found a video which illustrates more than above picture :



    Players tried to learn us how to play. I succeed to win one point but never to score a goal. The terrain was muddy but we have a laugh !

    Gaelic Football
    A match lasts 60 minutes. Equalisation doesn't exist. If a the end of the match both teams have the same score either they play the match again or they play an extra time of 20 minutes.


    Gaelic football and Hurling are the most famous sports in Ireland. But concerning Gaelic football there aren't professional players, only amateurs. Moreover players can't play for several teams, just for one in all their lifes, that of their county of birth.

    If you want an anecdote, it's on a gaelic football terrain that occured one of the most famous and symbolic events of the Anglo-Irish war : the bloody Sunday.


    Thursday evening, at the end of my first welcome day, the gaelic football team of Dundalk played against Dublin's team. So, with others erasmus we decided to go to see this match. It's not as well that a match of the Paris Saint Germain (PSG) with Marco Verratti and Zlatan Ibrahimovic but it was nice even though.

    Gaelic Football


     To conclude gaelic football is cool but classic football is better for me.


    Yours faithfully.



    Sources : http://www.gaa.ie/about-the-gaa/our-games/football/


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    Monday 26th January 2015 at 20:58

    A strange sport isn't it.... Do they dring beer after or during the game ? ^^

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