• Irish beers

    'Irish lands absorb the rain like Irish swallow whiskey and beer.'


    Irish beers


    For 4 weeks I've drunk lots of beers and among all of these I could taste few irish beers : Guinness, Harp (blond beer), Smithwick's (amber beer) and Finn.

    Irish beersHarp

    Harp is a beer created by Guinness in the Dundalk Brewery. The first bottle was created in 1960. Today it is produced by Diageo due to the merger between Grand Metropolitan and Guinness.

    Harp is also locally brewed in Great Britain and Canada.

    Because of its fresh taste, this beer has received six gold quality labels by the International Institute for Quality Selections.

    And why a harp? Because it is a symbol of Ireland.

    Irish beers


    Appearance : a clear beer with a rich ruby colour and creamy head

    Aroma : different individual notes such as fruit, floral and malty

    Smithwick's is also brewed by Diageo.

    Irish beers

    I've found few informations about Finn. I know it is produced in Northern Ireland, brewed by Station Works.

    It's a beer with citrus notes.



      * to be continued as soon as I drink more beers*


    Here are few most common beer myths :

    x The Guinness served in Ireland is different to the rest of the world
    x Lite beers will help you lose weight
    x Dark beers are stronger in alcohol
    x Beer should be served ice-cold for best flavor
    x The best beers have green bottles
    x A good beer must be high in alcolhol
    x Beer kill brain cells


    If you want more details you can read this article X



    NB :
    Mr Vilaine, I know you said articles about beers aren't useful but I would like to write one because Ireland is the country of beers. So it's a sufficient reason to speak about that, isn't it ?


    Sources : http://www.smithwicks.ie/

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    Sunday 29th March 2015 at 15:30
    Although Guinness is the first beer of Ireland , it is true that there are many,
    tastier than each other .
    Sunday 29th March 2015 at 15:31
    And whiskey ?
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