• Lollipop Day (local news first article)

    " A little lolly goes a long way."

    Lollipop Day

    Last friday I participated in Lollipop day. Indeed I am registered as volunteer in Volunteer Centre Louth in Dundalk.

    Lollipop Day is the Oesophageal Cancer Fund's national annual fundraising event. I had to sell lollipops in Marshe's Shopping Centre in Dundalk. 

    400 cases of oeasophageal cancer are diagnosed in Ireland each year and 70% of patients have symptoms for more than 3months before going to consult. The aim of the association is to change this and to allow the detection early.

    Symptoms are as follows :

    Lollipop Day

    There often are sellings like this in Dundalk and more generally in Ireland. I often see volunteers in the Marshe's trying to inform people about a disease.

    Be a volunteer in this association is an efficient way to improve my English because I need to speak with Irish people. 

    Lollipop Day (local news first article)

    If you want to visit their website : click on

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