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    Hello all,

    It is shortly the end of my semester in Ireland. We have finished our courses here. So it is time to speak to you about our marketing project.

    During all this semester we had a work to do for an Irish company called Maxol. We had to realize a market survey. Indeed Maxol wants to open a new service station in collaboration with Moreish near to the campus of DKIT. 

    Maxol is an Irish oil company founded in 1920 and Moreish is a food brand.

    logo of the brand

    logo of the brand

    Most of information are confidential so I can not give you lots of details but I want to explain to you why this work was very interesting.

    I think this work was an efficient way to see how work other people from other countries and I was lucky because I had people with four different nationalities from mine in my group. We spoke all day long about our project but also about the dailylife in Australia, in Irish or in the United States. For instance American boys sent us pictures about a snow storm and Australian girls about the Yarra river in their city. 

    To achieve to work and to share easily we worked with google drive. Each week we had one or two hangouts organized in order to discuss about the project, to take decisions and to divide the work. 

    My Irish team

    The best part of the project regarded the last week of May. Indeed some of American and Australian students came in Ireland to do a final presentation face to the CEO of Maxol. During this week we could exchange and learn more about others. At the beginning of the week we went to Carlingford and to Dublin at the Guinness Storehouse (speaking of which I could try the new blond beer of Guinness which is very tasty and good). This tour was an opportunity to meet all foreign students. From Wednesday to Thursday we worked in group all day on our final presentation which occured on Friday.

    Few members of my group


    I have ever done two similar works in France with ESDES. They were important projects, with lots of work but nevertheless very interesting. I had to work for Lustucru and for a naturopathy office. For the first one I had to fill the creation of a new packaging for the lunch box of Lustucru, the communication and the distribution of the product. So I had to do an analysis of the brand and a survey about the lunch box on the pasta market. For the second one I had to create a market survey to know if our backer could create his office in Lyon or not. It was hard to do these programmes but it was easier than this present one because it was in French. I had sometimes a great deal of trouble to understand well and to work in English on such a project but I made efforts and I was involved. I can not bear to let someone else do my job.   

    I learn managment in ESDES and I chose an English-speaking country for my Erasmus semester to improve my English level and develop my skills in managment. Thank's to this work I learn business vocabulary but also dailylife vocabulary working with my group. It has a double purpose. Moreover professionals will be more interested if I have group work experiences. This is particularly the case if I work with people from other countries.   

    Therefore this experience was for me very interesting. I am sure it will be non negligible on my resume even if I prefer finance than marketing and I would like to work in environmental auditing when I finish my studies.   

    All the teams from America, Australia and Ireland


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